вторник, 16 март 2010 г.

Whats your favourite childhood song ?

Europe - Final countdown

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неделя, 14 март 2010 г.

Do you have a perfect type of a girl ?

No... I would like to be surprised :D

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петък, 12 март 2010 г.

Why are you trying to be "clever" and "funny" in every single of your answers?

'Cause I can! ;)
Now seriously... Do I look like I'm not clever and funny? I thought I am...

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сряда, 10 март 2010 г.

What`s the point?


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What's the most boring thing in this world to you ?

Not knowing why I'm doing something but keep doing it (reading, speaking, talking, listening.... living )

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What's your favorite animation ?

The beauty and the beast

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What do you mean "ask anything"? Anything?

Anything anything!

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you dreaming about?

God's future for me!

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What can make you happy ?

Depends on so many things. Sometimes just one genuine smile is more than enough

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Are you in love ?

Right now, NO!

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What do you thing - How old are you actually?

I'm almost 24 years old if you're looking my ID, in my mind I'm not more than 16-18

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What are you afraid the most?

to be left behind, forgotten...

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вторник, 9 март 2010 г.